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Member Organisations of La Via Campesina (Updated 2024)

Currently, La Via Campesina comprises 180* local and national organizations in 81 countries from Africa, Asia, Europe, ArNA* and the Americas. Altogether, it represents about 200 million small-scale food producers. Around the world, La Via Campesina has more than 70 schools and training processes based on popular education.

Agroecology in the 8th LVC International Conference: Reflections of the agrarian movements in Colombia

The agroecology is part of the food sovereignty as a principle of the political struggle for the LVC. It is part of the plan of action in the different continents because it is the answer to the peasants’ need to promote their ancient model of production against the agribusiness that has moved forward fiercely, displacing and forcing the peasants, the communities and the indigenous peoples.