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In Brazil, 800 landless women occupy lands of sexual abuser

800 landless women occupied one of the farms of ‘João de Deus’ who has been… Read more →

Regional event celebrating the Decade for Family Farming in Europe and Central Asia

The European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC) participated to the regional event entitled The future of… Read more →

March 14th International Day of Struggle of the people affected by dams, in defense of the rivers, water and life

The international day that remarks the struggle of the people affected by dams, celebrated for… Read more →

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Embracing Grassroots Feminism

Feminism is inherently political and must not be viewed in isolation from other structural inequalities,… Read more →

India: Farmers present an eighteen point demand to all political parties

All India Coordination Committee of Farmers’ Movement comprising all the major farmers unions in India… Read more →


MAB denounces Vale’s social and environmental crime at the UN

On the occasion of the 40th session of the United Nations in Geneva, MAB fulfills… Read more →

Standing with disadvantaged rural women small-scale farmers in Uganda

Esaff Uganda Press Release on International Women’s Day Whereas women are the backbone of development… Read more →

India: Peasant Movements to scrutinise and expose the dangers of RCEP Trade Agreement

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is a free trade partnership, which will open India’s… Read more →

Bangladesh : Peasant movements intensifies the struggle against ‘Golden Rice’

BAFLF general secratery Abdul Mazid stated that the multinational companies have targeted Bangladesh as laboratory for the trail of their GM crops and using people and farmers as guinea-pigs for their own interest.

For the life and dignity of women, we fight together against the exploitation and oppression of the capitalist and patriarchal system!

La Via Campesina Press Release International Women’s Day (Harare, March 8th, 2019)  The goals that… Read more →

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