5- Maputo (2008)

La Via Campesina Policy Documents (2009 Edition)

Download the publication here Title: La Via Campesina Policy Documents Year: 2009 Language: English (Available… Read more →

“Feeding the world and cooling the planet”: La Vía Campesina’s Fifth International Conference

By Luis Hernández Navarro and Annette Aurélie Desmarais Briarpatch Magazine, January/February 2009 They numbered almost… Read more →

Vth Conference of Via Campesina, Mozambique, October 2008

by Focuspuller


A Glimpse of the Peasant and Small Farmer

Association Movement in MozambiqueBeing in a field in southern Niassa province, in Mozambique, listening to… Read more →

Press Release in Support of French Anti-GMO Activists

Let's Destroy GMOs and Cultivate Biodiversity!(Matola, 22 October 2008). The 600 delegates of Via Campesina… Read more →

World Farmers Solidarity for the struggle of Palestinian Farmers

The General Assembly of La Via Campesina 5th Conference in Maputo Mozambique resolve to: Support… Read more →

Statement about the withdrawal of the occupation military troops in Haiti

For years, the gross of black slaves of Haiti gave their blood until they made… Read more →

In solidarity with the Guarani people

Since the beginning of the millennia, over a hundred of Kaiowa Guarani lives are sacrificed… Read more →

TATA: Open letter to the president of India

"To Ms. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, President of Indiacc Mr. Buddhadev Bhattacharjee, Chief Minister of West… Read more →

Solidarity with 32 leaders from Honduras object of false accusations

We would like to estate to the peoples of the world represented in this conference… Read more →