Member Organisations of La Via Campesina (Updated 2024)

Currently, La Via Campesina comprises 180* local and national organizations in 81 countries from Africa, Asia, Europe, ArNA* and the Americas. Altogether, it represents about 200 million small-scale food producers. Around the world, La Via Campesina has more than 70 schools and training processes based on popular education, which is a method and an approach that puts forward the scaling up of agroecology at the territorial level and the strengthening of peoples’ food sovereignty. All these agroecological training processes are being constructed and organized by member organizations of La Via Campesina.

*According to the most recent ratified list from the 8th International Conference, La Via Campesina counts 180 member organizations spanning 81 countries. Notably, the Arab and North Africa region has been included as the newest and tenth region within La Via Campesina.