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Nyéléni Newsletter: Ultra-processed food, a “corporate diet”

Driven by an expansion of the industrial food system, including global sourcing and retail structures, and corporate concentration and power within this system, Ultra Processed Food are replacing fresh and minimally processed foods and home-cooked meals in our diets. Dietary patterns are becoming increasingly homogenized and culinary traditions are disappearing.

2024 | March Newswrap: Updates from Member Organizations Worldwide

March witnessed global mobilization for International Working Women’s Day, emphasizing the vital roles of peasant and indigenous women in sustaining communities and feeding the world. From Brazil to Australia, women rallied against injustice, violence, and climate crises, demanding rights, land access, and recognition for their contributions to food sovereignty and social justice.

The Voices of Palestinian Women

Listening to the voices of Palestinian women is fundamental to understand the historical and current forms of genocide against the Palestinian people. They addressed how genocide is not simply about numbers, but an orchestrated policy. Genocide is an attack on the bases that sustain life: land, bodies, the everyday work of production and reproduction of Palestinian life.

UAWC Updated Briefing Report on ‘Stop Gaza Starvation’ Campaign

Over the past five months, the “Stop Gaza Starvation” campaign led by the Union of Agricultural Work Committees has reached 96,975 beneficiaries in the Gaza Strip, despite severe bombardments and challenges. Essential aid delivered includes food parcels, hygiene and sanitary products, addressing critical needs amidst gas shortages.

2024 | February Newswrap: Updates from Member Organizations Worldwide

February was marked by a series of major mobilisations by trade unions and farmers’ movements in Europe and Asia. Members of La Via Campesina were remarkably engaged in these peasant struggles and their presence was forceful, vigorously opposing the WTO, free trade agreements and European policies aimed at destroying our food systems.

Agroecology in the 8th LVC International Conference: Reflections of the agrarian movements in Colombia

The agroecology is part of the food sovereignty as a principle of the political struggle for the LVC. It is part of the plan of action in the different continents because it is the answer to the peasants’ need to promote their ancient model of production against the agribusiness that has moved forward fiercely, displacing and forcing the peasants, the communities and the indigenous peoples.

Globalising Hope – The courageous journey of La Via Campesina

La Via Campesina took shape in a political context where neoliberalism was rapidly expanding across continents, threatening to destabilise and even disappear small-scale agriculture. ‘A Growing Culture’ joined the 8th International Conference of La Via Campesina, held in December 2023 in Bogotá. Here is a report.