Spain: Only 3 out of 10 Euros from CAP go to Land Managed by Women

According to data from the Spanish Agricultural Guarantee Fund (FEGA), the proportion of CAP aid received by women-owned farms significantly lags behind that of men, with only 27.5% of direct aid and 26.34% of Rural Development aid going to women. Under the current scheme, farms owned by women farmers and livestock breeders are marginalized because they are smaller in size and have ineligible production.

The Voices of Palestinian Women

Listening to the voices of Palestinian women is fundamental to understand the historical and current forms of genocide against the Palestinian people. They addressed how genocide is not simply about numbers, but an orchestrated policy. Genocide is an attack on the bases that sustain life: land, bodies, the everyday work of production and reproduction of Palestinian life.

Guatemala: CUC Renews Call for Women’s Education and Land Access

The CUC demands that girls have access to education, preventing early marriage and motherhood, providing women with equitable access to land and fair trade opportunities, eliminating gender discrimination, ensuring fair working conditions, creating market opportunities for artisanal products, and promoting a life free from violence.

Caribbean: CLOC-Via Campesina Stands in Solidarity with Haitian Women

We commit ourselves to the active construction of Food Sovereignty, fighting against the crises and violence that affect our communities. We continue to move forward and share experiences, strategies, and dreams, solidifying our commitment to gender equity and social justice in rural areas. Solidarity with the Haitian people.

MST women denounce genocide in protest at the Israeli Embassy in Brasília

This March 8, the MST women denounced the genocidal practice that the State of Israel imposes on the Palestinian people and show solidarity with all the victims of Zionism. 300 Landless Women, held a protest in front of the Embassy of Israel, in Brasília and denounced this perverse policy and demand an immediate ceasefire.