In Brazil, 800 landless women occupy lands of sexual abuser

800 landless women occupied one of the farms of ‘João de Deus’ who has been… Read more →

March 14th International Day of Struggle of the people affected by dams, in defense of the rivers, water and life

The international day that remarks the struggle of the people affected by dams, celebrated for… Read more →

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Embracing Grassroots Feminism

Feminism is inherently political and must not be viewed in isolation from other structural inequalities,… Read more →

Standing with disadvantaged rural women small-scale farmers in Uganda

Esaff Uganda Press Release on International Women’s Day Whereas women are the backbone of development… Read more →

For the life and dignity of women, we fight together against the exploitation and oppression of the capitalist and patriarchal system!

La Via Campesina Press Release International Women’s Day (Harare, March 8th, 2019)  The goals that… Read more →

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#25Nov: Breaking the silence, ending the violence. Resist patriarchy, Resist capitalism!

25 November 2018, Negombo, Srilanka: We the peasant women of La Via Campesina coming from… Read more →

“Resist patriarchy, resist capitalism”, proclaims global peasant women’s meeting in Sri Lanka

This article by Tanya and Vysakh, first appeared on People’s Dispatch on 23 November Global… Read more →


Keeping the Struggles of Peasant Women Alive

First published by Fair World Project on 09/10/2018 Elizabeth Mpofu Food sovereignty is a feminist… Read more →

Nicaraguan women’s cooperative building self-sufficiency and food sovereignty

(August 24, 2018: Managua, Nicaragua) Over 30 La Via Campesina delegates and allies attending the… Read more →

Peasant Women in Korea denounce Smart Farm Policy, submit a charter of eight demands to President Moon

Members of Korean Women Peasant Association mobilised in large numbers in Seoul to draw attention… Read more →