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Peasants at the frontline of the climate struggle share testimonies

The 8th International Conference of La Via Campesina, held in Bogotá, Colombia, in December, provided a space for its members – small-holder farmers from more than 80 countries – to highlight the ongoing crises in their territories. These testimonies of peasants worldwide revealed a shared struggle against the escalating climate crisis. Across South America, Asia, and Africa, a collective plea for global action resonated, urging sustainable alternatives like agroecology.

South African peasant activists unveil land inequality struggles on global stage in Colombia

Two South African activists recently attended a conference in Bogotá where they pledged to broaden the participation of individuals, especially women, in the fight for food sovereignty. They denounced the land inequality and the outsized influence of South Africa’s commercial sector on food product pricing, thrusting these critical issues onto the global stage.

Via Campesina: peasants’ organizations meet in Colombia to discuss fight against hunger

Over 180 peasants’ organizations will meet in Bogota, Colombia’s capital city, to discuss and propose development and food production models that can be an alternative to agribusiness. Over 500 representatives of peasant movements from all over the world will come together to discuss and build food sovereignty to face the current global crisis.

Bridging Local Farming and International Activism

La Via Campesina has over 200 million members in more than 80 countries. There are three levels within La Via Campesina. The member organizations, which include unions, cooperatives, or associations, form the first level. Then, all these organizations are grouped by region, with nine regions in La Via Campesina. These nine regions together constitute La Via Campesina. Every four years, a conference is organized to decide the working priorities for the next four years. The next conference will be held in Colombia in December. We expect 500 delegates from all over the world.