The 8th International Conference in videos: watch our audiovisual memory

Relive the main moments, debates, and mysticism that took place during our 8th International Conference, held from December 1st to 8th in Bogota, Colombia. Take a look at our videos produced during this significant event that brought together hundreds of peasants from all over the world.

As global peasants, we renew our commitment to the struggles for Food Sovereignty, peasant rights, Integral Agrarian Reform, Peasant Agroecology, NO violence against women and diversity, climate justice, Peace, and social justice for our peoples. Let’s globalize the struggle; let’s globalize hope!

Closing Ceremony | 8th International Conference

Press Conference : Harvesting ideas: Unveiling the results and visions for the future of LVC.

Struggles for Food Sovereignty in the Global Hunger Context

Tribute to Lee Kyun-hae and struggles against Free Trade Agreements

Anti-patriarchal struggles: 6th Women’s Assembly – 1st Meeting of Diversities – Men’s Meeting against Patriarchy

Discussions of the 5th International Youth Assembly

Message from the peasant children during the 8th International Conference

La Via Campesina’s Inaugural Press Conference