In defense of peasants’ rights and popular peasant feminism: Voices from around the world

In this video, produced by Capire and the Defending Peasants’ Rights Team, peasant women and community organizers from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas, who attended the 8th International Conference of La Via Campesina in Bogota, articulate the significance of the UN Declaration on Peasants’ Rights. Specifically, they focus on Article 4 of the Declaration, which addresses peasant women’s rights.

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants (UNDROP) was adopted in 2018. La Via Campesina led the movement towards this achievement, along with key allies who were instrumental in bringing it to the adoption stage. Other social movements such as the World March of Women, Friends of the Earth International, and different grassroots organizations, academic institutions and allies were all critical in supporting LVC in bringing this important rights’ framework to adoption, and helping in its implementation phase.

The people who worked for years to have the Declaration adopted always knew the implementation would be also an uphill battle. They knew that for the struggle to continue strong, a common tool was required in order to share knowledge about the Declaration and to advance the collective understanding of how to move it forward. The Defending Peasants’ Rights (DPR), launched in 2022, is a product of a number of these allies that came together to build a knowledge sharing network.