Dignity for Migrants and Waged Workers

In Brazil, 800 landless women occupy lands of sexual abuser

800 landless women occupied one of the farms of ‘João de Deus’ who has been… Read more →

The Tarajal Massacre and our agricultural fields

PRESS RELEASE February 6, 2019 International Day to stop the repression of migrants and for… Read more →

Thousand Movement: Srilankan tea plantation workers protest in 30 locations for better daily wages

The Thousand Movement, a collective of unions and grassroots activists who want to increase the daily basic salary of an estate worker to Rs. 1000


Finally, UN General Assembly adopts Peasant Rights declaration! Now focus is on its implementation

Today, 17 December 2018, the 73 Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 73)… Read more →


Global Compact for Migration (GCM) does not represent a change in the current offensive against migrants and refugees : La Via Campesina

At the People’s Summit for a Global Pact of Solidarity with Migrants and Refugees, held in Marrakech… Read more →

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Report of UN declaration of peasant rights widely accepted by States and Civil Society Organizations

(21 September 2018, Geneva) La Via Campesina and allies CETIM, FIAN and other organisations are… Read more →


Understanding the struggle for the protection of the rights of peasants: A life of peasant delegates in Geneva

(Geneva, September 21, 2018) Understanding the complex situation that the peasants have to face at… Read more →

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Call for Action: Mobilizing for the Full Rights of Migrants and Refugees

International Collective on Migrations and Waged Workers Rabat, Sunday September 9, 2018 Having met in… Read more →

Nyéléni Newsletter: Migration and Food Sovereignty

The new edition of the Nyéléni Newsletter is now online! The so-called migration crisis has… Read more →

La Via Campesina calls for the release of the detainees of Hirak RIF and all social movements activists in Morocco

DECLARATION Following the Popular march of Rabat of the 15th July, 2017, La Via Campesina… Read more →

" data-link="https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=La+Via+Campesina+calls+for+the+release+of+the+detainees+of+Hirak+RIF+and+all+social+movements+activists+in+Morocco&url=https%3A%2F%2Fviacampesina.org%2Fen%2Fla-via-campesina-calls-for-the-release-of-the-detainees-of-hirak-rif-and-all-social-movements-activists-in-morocco%2F&via=">">Tweet