Dignity for Migrants and Waged Workers

South Asian Dispatches: Episode 1 – Farmworkers’ Strike in Bangladesh

The Communications Collective of South Asia, with support from the Youth Media Collective of MONLAR, is releasing the first edition of La Via Campesina’s South Asian Dispatches. Episode 1 focuses on the ongoing farmworkers’ strike in Bangladesh, organized by the Bangladesh Agricultural Farm Labour Federation since July 21, 2023. The struggle has compelled the government to establish a committee to study the matter and provide recommendations.

Spain: We mobilize to reject industrial agriculture and agribusiness promoted by the Meeting of EU Ministers of Agriculture

From 31 August to 3 September 2023, 150 activists from various organisations from different parts of Spain gathered in Hornachuelos (Córdoba) in a camp dedicated to agroecology and food sovereignty, to ratify the need to break with the agro-industrial food model and system. Under the slogan “we stand up”, the meeting took a stand in favour of a fair and sustainable food model and a living rural world.

Newsletter: ECVC’s work on rural workers and migration

The Rural Workers & Migration working group publishes today its third newsletter. Have a look at our actions regarding the support of agricultural workers’ struggles, commercial pressure towards distributors and ECVC trade unions’ mutual support. Thank you for sharing the newsletter and the call to mobilisation against agroindustry in Cordóba in September.

Tunisia and the EU must uphold the rights and dignity of migrants

The situation in Sfax, Tunisia, has reached a critical point since July 2023, with extreme tension surrounding migrants from various sub-Saharan African countries. Last week, thirteen migrants from the sub-Saharan region lost their lives at sea off the coast of Sfax, when their boat sank. Despite being a transit country for migrants on their way to Europe, Tunisia resolutely refuses to be seen as an alternative solution for migrants.

Haiti: 36 years after the massacre, the peasant struggle continues

36 years ago, a tragedy struck Haitian peasantry when 139 peasants, members of the organization Tèt Kole Ti Peyizan Ayisyen, lost their lives in one of the largest massacres ever seen in the country. The regime of Henry Nanphy, the Lucas family, the Poitvien family, and a faction of the Catholic Church in collusion with the American embassy in Haiti were responsible for this terrible atrocity. This massacre is one of the bloodiest episodes in the country’s history.

EU migration policy causes deaths instead of saving lives ” La Via Campesina in Nador, Morocco

At a time when the Spanish government is taking over the presidency of the European Union, La Via Campesina, together with allied social movements, denounced the impunity of the Melilla massacre, in which dozens of migrants were killed while trying to cross the border fence from Morocco to Spain. La Via Campesina is commited to continue building the Global Pact of Solidarity for the Rights of Migrants and Refugees.

On May Day the NFU Calls for Action on Migrant Rights and UNDROP

The National Farmers Union (NFU) calls on the federal government to immediately adopt the 2018 UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas (UNDROP), which defines the rights that must be upheld to ensure that a diversity of food producers are respected and have their voices heard, and which Canada has yet to support.