Campaign for a Binding Treaty

End Corporate Impunity! How much is life worth? #Vale

La Via Campesina International stands in solidarity with the affected families and asserts its full support for the organized struggle of social movements, in this sad moment in Brazilian history.

Legally Binding Treaty on TNCs and Human Rights: Attempt at Sabotage in New York!

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Affected from the world, unite!

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Farmworkers of Florida are up against the ‘Big Six pesticide companies’

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German Corporations exploiting legal loopholes to grab small farms. Young Peasants are leading the fight back

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Private Financial Firms threaten to undermine self-financing initiatives of rural peasant women in South India

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Southern Africa: Communities and activists expose corporate abuse at the Permanent People´s Tribunal

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La Via Campesina Southern and Eastern Africa Solidarity Statement with MVIWATA

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