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The anti-colonial struggle for the self-determination of the Haitian people has reached the United Nations

Fully intertwined with current geopolitical dynamics, the anti-(neo)colonial struggle in Haiti is central. Confronting existential challenges, the Haitian people engage in a protracted struggle for emancipation and self-determination. This endeavor necessitates a robust and mobilized internationalist solidarity movement. Dominant imperialist forces persist in asserting control over the small Caribbean island to gain strategic advantages, thwarting Haiti’s path to true independence and national sovereignty.

La Via Campesina calls for an end to the blockade of Cuba

This unjust, illegal and exclusionary policy directly and daily affects the life, development and well-being of the Cuban population. The tightening of the blockade has caused a deficit in the capacity of electricity generation, affected the transportation and distribution of food, among many other damages.

Latin America: CLOC Via Campesina issues solidarity to Cuba

CLOC-Via Campesina, have learned of the events that took place in Cuba on March 17, regarding the expression of discontent of groups of citizens in the eastern part of the country, in view of the difficulties that the Cuban people are facing today, specifically related to the deficit in the capacity of electricity generation and food distribution.

Haiti: Peasants defend their Food Sovereignty amidst new attempts at international interference

The threat of military intervention looms large in Haiti. To make matters worse for the people, the neighboring Dominican Republic is closing the border amid accusations of river diversion. The Dominican government’s decision is unjustified and violates the legitimate right of the Haitian people to the equitable use of shared water resources at the border. Under international law and existing bilateral treaties, Haiti has the right to use this shared water source.

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