Declaration of the 1st International Meeting of Diversities and Supporters | La Via Campesina

As people who embody these diversities, we do not ask to be tolerated; this is not about pity or charity. This is about knowing that a socially diverse movement for agroecology and food sovereignty is a stronger movement and that the liberation of everyone is intertwined with the liberation of our societies. Diversity is at the heart of Food Sovereignty, in all territories!

Peasant Youth Unveils Vision: 5th International Youth Assembly Declaration

Explore the transformative agenda set by the 5th International Assembly of La Vía Campesina’s Youth Articulation in Bogotá. From advocating for Palestinian solidarity to addressing global agricultural crises, the assembly delves into pressing issues like generational continuity, climate justice, and technology challenges.

Listening to the future: Children’s views on Food Sovereignty

La Via Campesina, recognizing the importance of engaging and facilitating parents participation, especially women, in the debates and decision-making spaces of the movement, is providing a childcare service during this 8th International Conference. A group of 15 children aged between 2 to 12 years old are being cared for while their parents participate in the conference proceedings.

Unity in Diversity: Women and Young Peasants Change the World

After six-year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, La Via Campesina’s 8th International Conference ,filled with excitement, roared into life in Bogotá, Colombia. The conference opened on the 1st of December with Youth and women Assemblies. Men Against Patriarchy and Gender Diversities meetings were held for the first time.

5th International Youth’s Assembly of La Via Campesina: Official Poster is out!

This assembly will bring together young members from various backgrounds, including peasants, indigenous people, fishers, pastoralists, agricultural workers, migrants, and landless youth. As representatives of La Via Campesina’s youth, they advocate for the peasant alternative, founded on the principles of peasant agroecology.

Declaration of the 2nd Africa Youth Continental Meeting

We, the 15 African youth representatives of La Via Campesina, meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe call for a new paradigm of continental advocacy with the full participation and support of youth peasant farmers in Africa by international cooperation and by our governments.