Key Documents (Peasants’ Rights)

La Via Campesina @ UN Human Rights Council: “it is high time that States systematically protect, promote and respect the rights enshrined in the UNDROP”

Peasants and other people working in the rural areas are affected the most by the current multiple global crises. La Via Campesina has appealed to the UN Human Rights Council to strengthen the promotion and protection of peasants’ rights, and make recommendations to address their violations through the creation of a UN Special Procedure on UNDROP. The Bolivia mission in Geneva will present the resolution on this during the 54th UN HRC Session for voting.

An opportunity for rural struggles: UNDROP follow-up mechanism before the Human Rights Council

Time has come for the implementation of UNDROP to be tackled at the international level. It is in this context that La Via Campesina (LVC) and its allies, advocate for the creation of an international follow-up mechanisms on peasants’ rights, in the form of a UN Special procedure. In the 54th session of the Human Rights Council that started on September 11th, the Permanent Mission of the Plurinational State of Bolivia will present a resolution to create this mechanism.