Peasant Voices: Complete Podcast Series from the 8th International Conference of La Via Campesina | #8ConfLVC

In early December, our peasant movement marked a pivotal moment with the celebration of our 8th international conference in Bogotá, Colombia. Delegates from over 180 rural worker organizations within La Via Campesina convened, sharing compelling messages of solidarity, struggle, and hope through various communication channels, reaching global peasants and the world. They reflected on diverse realities, current issues, and concrete measures to address global crises, all united under the umbrella of food sovereignty—the cornerstone of peasants’ fight against food, climate, health, economic crises, wars, and social injustice.

Throughout the conference, our efforts in the realm of popular communication were dedicated to amplifying the voices that champion peasant agroecology, peasant rights, peasant and popular feminism, unity in diversity, solidarity, cooperation, and other components of food sovereignty to ensure a future for humanity.

Discover the following podcasts that showcase the peasant voices resonating from the fields during the engaging spaces for discussion and development of alternatives at the 8th international conference of La Via Campesina.

#1 Opening Ceremony : Commencing the 8th International Conference, our gathering embraced the core of La Vía Campesina through a mistica—a powerful, unique ritual. This spiritual performance emotionally unites us, emphasizing shared experiences and common ground. Serving as the heart of La Vía Campesina, the mistica speaks a universal language, transcending differences and fostering unity within our diverse community.

#2 Marching in solidarity with the Palestinian people : As delegates gather in Bogotá for the 8th International Conference of La Via Campesina, leaders joined the Bogotá march in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Yasmeen El-Hasan from UAWC, representing Palestinian small-scale farmers, emphasizes the march’s significance in showcasing global support for Palestine.

#3 Youth peasants change the world : Youth within La Via Campesina reflect on their challenges and progress in the struggle for generational continuity in agriculture, the implementation of peasants’ rights, cooling the planet, and appropriate digital technologies during their 5th International Assembly. “The production of the countryside feeds the city, that’s why we all say together, back to the countryside now!”, they affirm.

#4 Women fighting against crises and violence : Delve into the experiences and reflections of La Via Campesina’s Women Articulation during their 6th International Assembly. Explore their political proposal centered on Peasant and Popular Feminism, intertwined with discussions on the “Stop Violence Against Women” campaign and their continuous dedication to safeguarding seeds for Food Sovereignty.

#5 Breaking silence on diversity : Embark on an emotional journey as representatives of La Via Campesina’s newly formed Diversities Articulation share their experiences. Learn how the creation of alliances, development of educational programs, and wholehearted embrace of diversities pave the way for a future founded on love and care. Tune in to this podcast, delving into the construction of a united and diverse movement, promising a brighter tomorrow for all.

#6 Men against patriarchy : After their initial meeting in Harare during the Intermediate Conference of La Via Campesina in Zimbabwe, the men of the movement convened once again in Colombia to join forces in the fight against patriarchy. Committed firmly to this cause, they acknowledge the pressing need to eliminate machismo from their relationships, communities, and organizations. Discover more in the following podcast.

#7 La Via Campesina’s Challenges (coming soon)

#8 Agro-ecological training and practical experiences (coming soon)

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