Solidarity with 32 leaders from Honduras object of false accusations

We would like to estate to the peoples of the world represented in this conference the critical situation that the peasant leaders of our brothers from Honduras are suffering. They are being chased by the judicial power of Honduras due to their struggle in the defence and conquer of the land.

They are being object of false accusations by the justice officers of the Honduras Government, such as: terrorism or murdering for instance.

In total, there are 32 comrades wanted by the justice and with arrest orders  issued against them. Their homes have been searched and their communities are under military siege. Their friends and families are being menaced, as they also are friends and family members of other peasants fallen in the struggle, with the only intention of humiliating and breaking the community of Guadalupe Carney down, a village of Trujillo, department of Colon, where children, women, men and old live.

For this reason, we ask the Human Rights International Organizations to appeal in front of the international community against this direct violation of the right of the farmers in their struggle for the deffence of the land.

The V International Conference of La Via Campesina and the CCI want to express our support and solidarity with these oppressed partners, being two of them here as part of this delegation, whose lives are in peril and under the imminent risk of been imprisoned or disappeared.

We want to attach the name of the comrades under menace of being disappeared or murdered:

1    José Santos Cruz
2    Carlos Obdulio Suazo
3    Odilio Aguilar
4    Adolfo Cruz Ruiz
5    Pedro Ulloa
6    Darío Mencias
7    David Cáliz
8    Carlos Madariaga
9    Rafael Alegría
10    Luz Marina Romero