In solidarity with the Guarani people

Since the beginning of the millennia, over a hundred of Kaiowa Guarani lives are sacrificed every year in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul. This is allowed thanks to the hanger of the agro-business towards the industrial farming stimulated as the Federal Government keep the limits of the lands undefined; due to the impunity of the assassins of the indigenous people and  the incarceration of those who fight for the rights of the people; because of the paralysis of the jurisdiction demarcation for federal proceeding; and by the persistent co-intervention of the legislative and executive powers within the State and the Communities. Consequently, there is a permanent violence and killing flow comparable only with a genocide. Tens of murdering, outrages, deaths by starvation, suicides and a very fragile economical situation block any livelihood project and make any hope for future impossible. At this moment, there are over hundred Kaiowa Guaranis in State jails .

The main causes for this dramatical reality are the lack of lands and the confinement that started during the passed century and that have currently achieved the most extreme expression with more than 40.000 Kaiowa Guarani people concentrated in 20.000 hectare of land. This has generated the worst scenario in Brazil in terms of denial of basic rights.

For all these reasons we demand the urgent and prompt identification and demarcation of the Kaiowa Guaranis' lands, applying the Federal Constitution and enclosed in the Declaration for the Rights of the Indigenous People and the Convention 69 of the WWO (World Workers Organization).