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The new edition of the Nyéléni Newsletter is now online! Click here to read the English edition.  In this edition of the newsletter the Youth of La Via Campesina call to the youth of the world - to educate, mobilize and organize for Food Sovereignty now!

Read about the struggles and visions of young people for building a radical new society.    

MST's youth define struggles for the next period

VIth MST Congress - 10 to 14 of February, 2014

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_youthmst.jpg11th February 2014,  The challenge of being the sons and daughters of Latin America’s largest organized movement. It is an honour and a responsibility to be heir to 30 years of struggle and resistance.

The desire to follow in the footsteps of those hardened feet which broke barriers and conquered land. And to move the production and self-organization of MST’s camps and settlements forwards.

The 3rd National MST's Youth Assembly, which took place on Monday (10/02) during the 6th MST Congress, began with poetry, music and theatre, all full of the characteristic energy of the fighting youth.

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Japan : youth activists organize a radio program on World Food day

(Tokyo, October 16) Some members of NOUMINREN youth with non-farmer local youth activists organize an internet radio on Wednesdays (twice a month) inviting a new guest each time. The name of  the radio is "Chihouhakkutsu Radio" meaning "local treasure hunting radio." We do not station in one place, but everybody participate from their house through Skype broadcasting through Ustream. The objective of our radio is to know and support local youth activists who do not have youth friends around in their region. 

On the 16th of October, a female youth farmer from Nagano prefecture and a male youth farmer from Aichi prefecture and three non-farmers participated in the radio. On the radio, they introduced that October the 16th is World Food Day and it is celebrated in the world.

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Indonesia : SPI and Youth Food Movement Celebrate World Food Day in Failry Deep Concern

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_stories_youthcamp_SPI_WorldFoodDayscaled.jpgJakarta, October 16. Indonesia Peasants Union (SPI) together with Youth Food Movement ( YFM ) staged a World Food Day in Hotel Indonesia Roundabout in Jakarta. The peaceful protest was filled with theatrical conditions of small farmers who being crushed by pro corporate governance policies.

Achmad Ya'kub from SPI National Department of Strategic Studies said that this year's World Food Day was marked with a fairly deep concern at the national agricultural. According to him, government policies that put corporations as the main actor in all agricultural sectors,  making the role of small farmers increasingly marginalized .

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