8 Conference LVC

Agroecology in the 8th LVC International Conference: Reflections of the agrarian movements in Colombia

The agroecology is part of the food sovereignty as a principle of the political struggle for the LVC. It is part of the plan of action in the different continents because it is the answer to the peasants’ need to promote their ancient model of production against the agribusiness that has moved forward fiercely, displacing and forcing the peasants, the communities and the indigenous peoples.

Globalising Hope – The courageous journey of La Via Campesina

La Via Campesina took shape in a political context where neoliberalism was rapidly expanding across continents, threatening to destabilise and even disappear small-scale agriculture. ‘A Growing Culture’ joined the 8th International Conference of La Via Campesina, held in December 2023 in Bogotá. Here is a report.

The 8th International Conference in videos: watch our audiovisual memory

Relive the main moments, debates, and mysticism that took place during our 8th International Conference, held from December 1st to 8th in Bogota, Colombia. As global peasants, we renew our commitment to the struggles for Food Sovereignty, peasant rights, Integral Agrarian Reform, Peasant Agroecology, Peasant Feminism, Diversity, Climate Justice, Peace and Social justice for our peoples.

Peasants at the frontline of the climate struggle share testimonies

The 8th International Conference of La Via Campesina, held in Bogotá, Colombia, in December, provided a space for its members – small-holder farmers from more than 80 countries – to highlight the ongoing crises in their territories. These testimonies of peasants worldwide revealed a shared struggle against the escalating climate crisis. Across South America, Asia, and Africa, a collective plea for global action resonated, urging sustainable alternatives like agroecology.

Peasant Voices: Complete Podcast Series from the 8th International Conference of La Via Campesina | #8ConfLVC

Discover our collection of podcasts featuring peasant voices expressing the aspirations, demands and proposals of a diverse range of peasant and indigenous communities around the world. We explore peasant agroecology, peasant rights, peasant and popular feminism, unity in diversity, solidarity, cooperation and other components of food sovereignty to secure a future for humanity.

South African peasant activists unveil land inequality struggles on global stage in Colombia

Two South African activists recently attended a conference in Bogotá where they pledged to broaden the participation of individuals, especially women, in the fight for food sovereignty. They denounced the land inequality and the outsized influence of South Africa’s commercial sector on food product pricing, thrusting these critical issues onto the global stage.