Latin America: CLOC Via Campesina issues solidarity to Cuba

Communiqué of Cloc- Via Campesina: “We stand firm with the Cuban Revolution”.

March 22, 2024: The 84 organizations from 18 countries participating in the Latin American Coordination of Rural Organizations, CLOC-Via Campesina, have learned of the events that took place in Cuba on March 17, regarding the expression of discontent of groups of citizens in the eastern part of the country, in view of the difficulties that the Cuban people are facing today, specifically related to the deficit in the capacity of electricity generation and food distribution.

The U.S. government has once again manipulated reality and with the collaboration of counter-revolutionary elements based in its territory, encouraged actions to destabilize Cuba and affect its Revolution.

From CLOC-Via Campesina:

  • We reject the interference of the government of the United States in the internal affairs of Cuba.
  • We strongly condemn the economic, commercial and financial blockade to which the Cuban people have been subjected for more than 60 years, an unjust, illegal and genocidal policy that seeks to asphyxiate the Cuban Revolution.
  • We demand that Cuba be excluded from the unilateral, illegal, unfounded and immoral List of State Sponsors of Terrorism, an instrument that lacks moral and legal justification.
  • We urge to remain on alert to defend from our organizations the Cuban people, its Revolution and social system, confronting the multiple media campaigns promoted by the empire, as well as to disseminate the Cuban reality immediately.

Sovereign Peoples, Peoples in Solidarity! Cuba, Yes! Blockade No!