Statement: Humanitarian Mission For Life And Peace In The Eastern Plains And Orinoco, Colombia

Social and human rights organizations and communities of faith carried out this Humanitarian Mission to respond to the urgent call of the communities in the south of Meta and the north of Guaviare. For ten days (July 18 to 27, 2020), we travelled throughout the region.

We walked and shared in the hamlets of Tercer Milenio, Caño San José, El Silencio, Nueva Colombia, La Cooperativa, Agua Linda (Caserío Santo Domingo) of Vista Hermosa and the Georgina Ortiz ETCR (Territorial Training and Reintegration Area).

In the municipality of La Macarena, we met with communities of Losada Guayabero. In the municipality of Mesetas, we listened to inhabitants of the Mariana Páez ETCR and the surrounding communities, and the Simón Trinidad NAR (New Reintegration Area). During the inspection of La Julia, in Uribe, we spoke with NAR delegates from the community of La Pista and other neighboring communities. And in the north of Guaviare, we shared with the communities of Puerto Cachicamo and the Jaime Pardo Leal ETCR in the village of Colinas.

This visit was held during the COVID-19 pandemic, after agreeing on strict biosecurity protocols with the communities. We complied with the measures set out by the national government and the suggestions of the municipalities and departments we visited.