Bangladesh to organize South Asia Climate Caravan in Nov before Durban Climate Conference

Bangladesh Krishok Federation (BKF) and Bangladesh Kishani Sabha  (BK) will be organizing a 15 day long caravan from north to south Bangladesh from Nov 15 to Dec 4 2011. There will be 150 participants from Bangladesh and all across the world and especially from the region of South Asia – Pakistan, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. This caravan is extremely crucial since South Asia and especially Bangladesh are going to be the most adversely affected region on the planet along with Africa. Furthermore it is timed with the Durban COP 17 so that Bangladeshi and South Asian peasants can be mobilized to learn about the official responses to the crisis and reject the false solutions that do nothing to cut emissions, further marginalize the poor and are turning the crisis into a carbon market for profit by commodifying carbon and nature. Furthermore the caravan will be promoting the real solutions of the people – such as food sovereignty and agro ecology, traditional farming methods and local seeds, renewable energy and energy sovereignty, gender rights and need for land reform.

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