La Via Campesina’s 1st International Meeting of Diversities and Supporters: Official Poster is out!

The 8th International Conference is now just a few days away!

Among the highlights of the 8th Conference will be the First International Meeting of Diversities and Supporters, to be held on the 02 December 2023.

This meeting of Diversities and Supporters will reinforce La Via Campesina’ commitment to better understand and include people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities in its platform of our struggle. This meeting will contribute to breaking down prejudices that generate discrimination and violence against people of different genders and/or sexualities. Incorporating the claim for gender justice strengthens the fight against all forms of oppression, exploitation and domination. The struggle in defense of peasant territory is also a struggle in defense of our bodies-as-territories, of the diverse human existences of all people regardless of their gender, who fight and resist, and whose diversities enrich and strengthen our common struggle.

And to celebrate this First International Meeting, we are releasing the official poster that will be used to promote this idea during and after the conference.

The meeting space will aim to expand the understanding about the intersection between capitalism, patriarchy and racism as the origin of the oppression and exploitation of the working class. It will also be a space to develop clear action plans that will ensure safe spaces and a positive environment for the existence of people of different orientations and genders in peasant communities, so that they can live without violence or stigma in the countryside, work the land and produce healthy food.

In this era of growing neo-fascism, La Via Campesina cannot ignore any type of violence. Taking a stance against discrimination, persecution and criminalization of people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities means strengthening a project of a livable future for the planet and humanity, as well as collective respect. As long as there is gender, race, ethnic and class oppression, as long as there are hierarchies in the right to life among human beings, social relations will be marked by violence, injustice and tyranny. Our historical role as La Via Campesina is to work in opposition to these dynamics, engaging in struggles for inclusion that contemplate all human diversity, towards the new society that we are and have been building.

Diversity is at the heart of food sovereignty in all territories!

To learn more about our 8th International Conference, follow us on our social networks using the hashtag #8ConfLVC. We also invite you to download our poster and print it in your local language!

The complete Communications Kit for the 8th International Conference is here.