6th International Women’s Assembly of La Via Campesina: Official Poster is now available!

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The 8th Conference of La Via Campesina is coming!

With conviction, we pave the way for Peasant and Popular Feminism, build Food Sovereignty and fight against crisis and violence.

From 1-8 December, over 500 delegates from 182 peasant organisations from 81 countries around the world will gather in Bogota, Colombia, for the 8th International Conference of La Via Campesina.

In this context, La Via Campesina’s 6th International Women’s Assembly will also be held on 02 December, bringing together peasant, indigenous, fisher, pastoralist, agricultural worker, migrant and landless women.

The International Women’s Assemblies have been a very important collective and strategic construction in these 30 years of La Via Campesina. From their territories, peasant women write a history of struggling against capitalism, colonialism, agribusiness, patriarchy, racism and the advance of fascism in the world.

“As a women’s articulation, we have coordinated our demands, our actions and our organisation. We are women who have a process not only of theory but also of practice. And in order to achieve food sovereignty, we must recognise the role and influence of rural women. In this sense, the preparation of our 6th Women’s Assembly of La Via Campesina is an opportunity to strengthen our common vision. In the process, we are looking for new ways out of the concepts we know, as well as proposals and demands that are emerging in the territories, which will then be taken up by the movement as a whole. Likewise, we have affirmed that our peasant and popular feminism is a class feminism that is within this political framework of the struggle for food sovereignty and peasant rights,” said Francisca Rodriguez of the Women’s Articulation of La Via Campesina

To learn more about our 8th International Conference, follow us on our social networks using the hashtag #8ConfLVC. We also invite you to download our poster and print it in your local language!

The complete Communications Kit for the 8th International Conference is here.