5th International Youth’s Assembly of La Via Campesina: Official Poster is out!

The 8th Conference of La Via Campesina is coming!

From December 1st to 8th, Bogotá, Colombia, will host the 8th International Conference of La Via Campesina, where more than 500 delegates representing 182 peasant organizations from 81 countries will converge.

Within this broader context, the 5th International Youth’s Assembly of La Via Campesina will convene on December 1st.

This assembly will bring together young members from various backgrounds, including peasants, indigenous people, fishers, pastoralists, agricultural workers, migrants, and landless youth.

These young peasants and agricultural workers, vital to our movement, possess a clear understanding of the emerging challenges that threaten our collective future. As food producers, they bear the brunt of the climate crisis and experience firsthand the environmental and social impacts of new technologies and digitalization in sustainable agriculture. In an era marked by digital and financial capitalism, multinational corporations seek to dominate food production without regard for the land or respect for peasant rights.

In response to these challenges, the younger generations of peasants are mobilizing to counter destructive imperialism, which aims to consolidate the planet for the benefit of multinational corporations. The situation faced by these young people is complex, as they grapple with life’s uncertainties, juggling work, education, and family-building, all while combatting a system that resists necessary change and obstructs their agency in shaping their future.

As representatives of La Via Campesina’s youth, they advocate for the peasant alternative, founded on the principles of peasant agroecology and the defense of collective peasant rights. These ideals are rooted in the mission of our movement: the pursuit of food sovereignty. The power of unity within diversity propels peasant youth toward their upcoming international assembly in Bogotá, aiming to turn this vision into reality.

Unity in diversity, youth peasants change the world!

To learn more about our 8th International Conference, follow us on our social networks using the hashtag #8ConfLVC. We also invite you to download our poster and print it in your local language!

The complete Communications Kit for the 8th International Conference is here.