29 new members accepted into La Via Campesina during the 7th Conference

(Harare, October 3, 2017) During the VIIth International Conference of La Via Campesina, held in in Derio, from the 19th to the 24th July in the Basque country, 29 new member organisations were presented and accepted in the world largest international peasant movement.  The new members were presented by their respective regions, of which South America and Central America had the most new organisations- a total of 17. La Via Campesina now has about 182 member organisations in over 81 countries around the world.

At each international conference, held every four years, besides setting the direction for the struggle in the strategic lines of action, La Via Campesina grow numerically. This was reflected in the statement by Unai Aranguren- the European International Coordination Committee Member of La Via Campesina during the opening of the 7th Conference: “La Via Campesina continues to grow. We now have about 200 organisations. We are an international political model.”

This growth adds to and enriches the diversity and unity in the struggles, an important aspect to achieve a world based on food sovereignty, social justice and dignity.

Below are the 29 new members:

 I – Western and Central Africa 

1 – Syndicat des Travailleurs de l’Agropastorale (SYNTAP).- Burkina Faso

II – Southern and Eastern Africa 

1- Eastern and Southern Africa Small-scale Farmer Forum (Esaff-Uganda) – Uganda

2- Agrarian Reform for Food Sovereignty Campaign (FSC) – Africa do Sul

III – Europe

LWA (Land Workers Alliance) – UK

Elkana (Biological Farming Associacion) – Georgia –

Toekomstboeren – The Netherlands – Holanda – Pays Bas

IV –  South Asia

1.Bangladesh Agriculture Farm Labourers Federation (BAFLF), Bangladesh.

2.Pakistan Kissan Rabta Committe (PKRC), Pakistan.

V –  South East-East Asia 

No hay miembros nuevos. / There is no new member / Il n’y a pas de nouveau membre.

VI –  North America

1 – Federation of Southern Cooperatives, USA – EEUU

2 – Family Farm Defenders, USA –EEUU

3 – Organizacion en California de Lideres Campesinas

VII – Central America 

1 – Asociación Campesina de Panamá Oeste (ACPO) – Panamá

2 – Asociación de Mujeres Campesinas(ANDEMUCA) – El Salvador

3 – Pueblos Originarios – El Salvador

4 – Asociación Campesina para el Desarrollo de el Salvador (ACADESE) – El Salvador

5 – Asociación Resistencia Nicaraguense Israel Galeano (ARNIG) – Nicaragua

6 – Coordinadora Nacional de Oficiales en Retiro (CNOR) – Nicaragua

7- Asociacion de Uniones Nacionales Agropecuarios de productores de Asociadas – UNAPA

VIII -Caribbean 

No hay miembros nuevos. / There is no new member / Il n’y a pas de nouveau membre.

IX –  South America

1 – Movimento Nacional pela Soberania Popular frente a Mineração (MAM) – Brasil

2 – Confederación Sindical de Mujeres Interculturales de Bolivia (CSMCIB) – Bolivia

3 – Federación Nacional Campesina (FNC) – Paraguay

4 – Proceso Comunidades Negras (PCN) – Colombia

5 – Asociación Campesina del Valle del Rio Cimitarra (ACVC) – Colombia

6 – Asociación Campesina y Popular (ASOCAMPO) – Colombia

7 – Asociación Nacional de Zonas de Reservas Campesinas (ANZORC) – Colombia

8 – Asociación de Pequeños y Medianos Cafeteros (APEMECAFE) – Colombia

9 – Red Apicola – Chile

Proposed by ICC 

1 – Million Rural Women  – Tunisia

2 – Fédération Nationale du Secteur Agricole (FNSA) – Morocco  / Maroc / Maruecos