Via Campesina supports anti-GMOs hunger strikers

(Jakarta, 09 January 2008) Via Campesina, international network of small-farmer and rural people´s organizations, supports the 17 French activists who have launched a hunger strike of indeterminate length in order to achieve the activation of the cautionary principle, permitted by European law.  More and more studies show in fact that the harm to the environment and to health by genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are very real.  These new facts allow French authorities to argue their decision. A moratory on Monsanto Maize Mon810 will allow for organic agriculture to develop in a country renown for its food culture and the quality of numerous products that benefit from a certification of known origin.

Via Campesina which brings together about 160 family farm and rural worker organizations across the planet wishes to take this moment to reiterate that we are fiercely opposed to the use of GMOs in agriculture. These biotechnologies do not contribute to the reduction of hunger in the world but rather to the privatization of this resource essential to the survival of humanity.

Via Campesina lends its warm support also to Yves Manguy and to José Bové, both veteran spokespersons for the Confédération Paysanne, and will be by their side throughout this hunger strike.

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