La Via Campesina supports the creation of an agrarian jurisdiction in Colombia

May 09, 2023

La Via Campesina, in its international role accompanying the implementation of the Peace Agreement’s Point 1, which states the agreement on Integral Rural Reform, expresses its solidarity with the Colombian peasantry and their demand for the creation of an Agrarian Jurisdiction in Colombia. This new jurisdiction is as urgent as it is necessary, not only to fulfill one of the pending commitments of the Peace Agreement but also because of its importance in resolving the historical and current conflicts related to property rights and land tenure in Colombia.

As an international peasant movement, we recognize the importance of agrarian justice measures that guarantee the transition and express our full support for the creation of an Agrarian Final Court that has the capacity to address the special nature of the agrarian process.

We advocate for the demand of different sectors of Colombian civil society regarding the creation of this jurisdiction, and support the unity of the peasant movement in the struggle for their rights and the defense of the land.