UAWC Completes “Our Olive is Resistance” Campaign

(Palestine, Ramallah) – The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) completed its olive harvest campaign under the slogan “Our Olive is Resistance.” The campaign was launched in the beginning of October in Bet Rima village in the Governorate of Ramallah. UAWC’s employees along with agricultural committees and a number of volunteers from AlQuds Open University have participated in the launching activity of the campaign.

The campaign had wide international volunteers’ participation. A group of Japanese activists supported the farmers of the village of Ni’leen (Ramallah) in their olive harvest, and also supported the farmers’ resistance against the Israeli Apartheid Wall by planting olive trees in the village of Bil’in (Ramallah). Moreover, a group of French volunteers participated in the olive harvest in the village of Nahaleen on an area in which 1,000 dunums are threatened with Israeli confiscation. Finally, a group from Grassroots International has also participated in the campaign, and supported the farmers’ of Sousia (Hebron) in their olive harvest.

Local volunteers were also included in the campaign. Apart from the launching activity in Bet Rima (Ramallah), sixty students from AlQuds University- Beit Hanina have supported the farmers of Al-Taybeh village (Ramallah) in their olive harvest. Moreover, forty students from Birzeit University have participated in the olive harvest activity in Al-Mughayer village (Ramallah).

UAWC launches an olive harvest campaign each year to help the Palestinian farmers and protect them from the Israeli violations. The presence of the international volunteers along with the Palestinian academics and students lowers the severity of the Israeli violations. The presence of activists can reduce the risk of extreme violence from Israeli settlers and army and supports Palestinians’ assertion of their right to earn their livelihood.

In addition, The Olive Harvest Campaign provides a wonderful opportunity for international activists to spend time with Palestinian families in their olive groves and homes. It is important to note that UAWC launches yearly an olive harvest campaign to support the Palestinian farmers within “Defending Our Rights” project that is funded by the Norwegian People’s Fund (NPA).