Solidarity actions in Chile

Today, ANAMURI together with the comrades of the Peasant Farmer’s organizations /Confederación Sindical Campesina Ranquil/, /Plataforma Rural/ and the /Coordinadora Campesina de Chile/, will come together at the gates of the embassy of Honduras in Santiago to once again give our support to it’s President Manuel Zelaya and to the brave and consistent resistance of the Honduran people, which has mobilized across the territory of Honduras to face the violent actions of the perpetrators of the military /coup/ and the criminal fascist oligarchy in the country.

We, the organizations united here, transmitted the call from Via Campesina and the Coordination of Rural Organizations of Latin America and the Caribbean (CLOC by its Spanish initials), to not lower the guard and to redouble the efforts with actions in solidarity, to repudiate with even more force the intransigence of the perpetrators of the /coup. /Who, in the midst of international political isolation, continue to increase the repression and the threats in anticipation of the return of President Manuel Zelaya.

Later we moved to another event in a public square in the community of Ñuñoa, called by social organizations in that community, to once again transmit our call and explain in more detail the organized and combative action being taken by peasant farmer’s organizations in Honduras and the border actions being carried out by our comrades in Central America and around the world.

Forward comrades. Only the unanimous action of the peoples and their conviction in the struggles for justice and rights will make us free and sovereign.