Chile wildfires: ANAMURI calls for solidarity and an end to monoculture forestry

Statement from Asociación Nacional de Mujeres Rurales e Indígenas | Chile, February 04, 2024

From the Asociación Nacional de Mujeres Rurales e Indígenas (ANAMURI), we express our concern regarding the tragic events that unfolded over the past three days in the Valparaiso region. We are deeply disturbed by the devastating fires that have affected thousands of hardworking families who, through considerable effort, have built their homes.

It is imperative to put an end to the destruction and horror caused by an unjust and unsustainable model of monoculture forestry and unscrupulous real estate practices. This model has led to over 500 thousand hectares burning uncontrollably, resulting in the destruction of entire villages, homes, crops, animals, native vegetation, vehicles, and tools. Additionally, hundreds of people have lost their lives or been hospitalized.

Countless women and their families have lost everything, while many more have been living in anguish and uncertainty for weeks due to the fires. Our heartfelt sympathy and support go out to all the women and families whose lives and livelihoods have been tragically altered by these fires.

Now more than ever, we must work diligently to provide immediate solidarity to those most affected by the fires. We also need to continue efforts to support the recovery of the right to land, the right to peasant and indigenous agriculture across the territory, ensuring access to sovereign and quality food. It is crucial to prioritize valuing the land for its social function of feeding the people, rather than catering to the interests of capital.

We urge the Chilean government and politicians to implement real mitigation measures and finally pass the law that prohibits construction on burned land—a law that has been dormant in Congress since 2021.
Furthermore, we call for the ongoing fight against monocultures and various forms of extractivism. We advocate for a state that prioritizes peasant and indigenous agriculture in its productive policies, aiming to guarantee the right to food for all and achieve true food sovereignty throughout the country.

Let us work together to ensure that never again will native forests, homes, and families perish in the flames ignited by real estate developers, construction companies, and businessmen.

We will continue to fight for the defense of the rights of women workers and producers!
We will continue to fight for the defense of peasant agriculture, the right to food and food sovereignty!
We will continue to fight for the end of monocultures, forestry and real estate of terror!