Movements occupy Tegucigalpa international airport

Social movements occupy Tegucigalpa international airport
In anticipation of the arrival of their President, the Honduran people, in an unprecedented demonstration of and estimated 200,000 people, occupied Tegucigalpa international airport, while a message recorded by Manuel Zelaya just a few hours before was transmitted to his people by word of mouth, announcing that his definitive return tomorrow, Sunday. “I am organising my return to Honduras (…) I am ready to make any sacrifice (…) we will either be free, or we will become permanent slaves, if we do not have the courage to defend ourselves (…) We will be present in the international airport this Sunday (…) this Sunday I will be in Tegucigalpa to embrace you”, said the message, while he called for a continuation of non-violence as the weapon and bastion of the resistance to this disgraceful /coup/…..
Berta Caceres of COPINH, one of those organising the National Resistance Front against the /Coup /confirmed that the soldiers have not opposed the resistance.

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