Police violence: statement from La Via Campesina of North America

(June 10th, 2020) Black lives have been forced to work in the fields for centuries, and continue to be exploited in food processing plants as well as in other areas of the US farm and food system.  Black lives continue to lose land, the ability to access prosperous livelihoods, and opportunities to accrue wealth and stability. 

As an international organization of peasants, farmworkers, Indigenous people, farmers, and fishers, the member organizations of La Via Campesina demand an end to the racist, violent system of policing that has its origin in the plantation economy.  We stand with the protestors around the world who condemn the brutal murder of George Floyd, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and all the Black men, women, and children who have died needlessly before him.

We demand – now more than ever – a just transition towards food sovereignty and racial justice.


  • Carlos Marentes, Regional Coordinator, BAWP-USA, cmarentess@gmail.com
  • Joan Brady, Regional Coordinator, NFU-Canada, jbrady@hay.net
  • LVC North America Regional Secretariat: lvc.northamerica@gmail.com