In defense of the Life of the Brazilian People: Emergency Measures for People’s Agrarian Reform

MST, April/May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic and the effects on workers and the poor, aggravate the consequences of the crisis of capitalism that affects the economy, politics, society and nature. Given this, it is necessary to democratize access to land, distribute wealth and defend the rights of rural people. We present to society measures that can quickly promote the creation of thousands of jobs, produce food for all people, advance trade, guarantee income and decent living conditions.

This emergency program requires immediate measures and the political will of governments to solve the problems of employment, income and food for all people. That is why everyone must contribute, at every level of government: federal, state, and local. This is an emergency program to confront problems immediately. People’s Agrarian Reform is urgent and necessary to meet the needs of landless workers, to supply food to cities, especially the outskirts of cities and to guarantee a balanced relationship between human beings and nature. We call on society, popular movements, trade unions, supporters, churches and sectors committed to the democratic struggle, to defend the urgency of People’s Agrarian Reform and a country that is just, without class privileges and social inequalities.

Download the Emergency Measures for People’s Agrarian Reform in PDF