ABC Podcast: A global peasant revolution

This podcast was originally published by Late Night Live on ABC Radio National Australia

Guest: Morgan Ody, General Co-ordinator, La Via Campesina

Listen to Morgan Ody, the General Coordinator of La Via Campesina as she dives deep into the significance of being a peasant in today’s world and the pivotal role LVC plays in addressing global crises, shaping our society, and advocating for social justice. Follow the global peasant movement’s struggle for rights through UNDROP implementation and its potential to drive positive change.

Discover the concept of food sovereignty, its profound importance, and its far-reaching impacts on our global food systems. Explore the harmonious relationship between the peasant movement and indigenous cultures, along with the preservation of traditional land knowledge.

In this podcast, Morgan delves into La Via Campesina’s unwavering commitment to empowering peasant women and the transformative impact of their contributions. Learn about the organization’s ongoing initiatives in Colombia, Nepal, and its connections with peasant movements in Australia.

Join us for this thought-provoking podcast that also sheds light on our upcoming 8th International Conference in Colombia. Don’t miss out—tune in now! 🌍🎙️