Multimedia Peasant School-an audiovisual tool to scale up agroecology

Presentation of the Multimedia Peasant School

Güira de Melena, Cuba

November 23th, 2015

The AsociaciNational Assoctaion of Small Farmers of Cuba (ANAP), La Via Campesina International (LVC) and the Komanilel Collective, are pleased to present this virtual video course, “Multimedia Peasant School; an audiovisual tool to scale up agroecology”.

The scaling up of agroecology is a priority for La Via Campesina. To strengthen agroecological processes, our organizations have created peasant agroeoclogy schools in almost every country where LVC has a presence. The training offered at the schools is technical, political and methodological.

As a contribution to these training processes, we have prepared this virtual course on the concepts and practices of the “Campesino a Campesino” (peasant-to-peasant, or farmer-to-farmer) methodology for spreading agroecology.  We use Cuba as a case study of success, to help other organizations within LVC in the maasification of agroecology.

The Peasant School Multimedia is available on disk, and online at:

The contents of this compilation are:

1.-Virtual Course on the PtP Methodology

2.-Agroecologic Peasant Agriculture

3.- Urban and Suburban Agriculture

4.- Agroecological library

Each of the short videos in this collection pictures an aspect of the processes, actors, and experiences that together configure the Peasant to Peasant Methodology, as well some specific features of the methodology in Cuba. The video series is complemented with a bibliographical collection on agroecology, peasant to peasant methodology, technical manuals, and political documents from La Via Campesina. 

We hope you enjoy these materials and find them useful. This compilation is dedicated to every person resisting, dreaming and fighting for a world with room for many worlds, with dignity, justice and wellbeing for all.