UAWC win Arab Thought Foundation Award in Economic Creativity field in 2015

(Ramallah, November 2015)- the Union of Agricultural Work committees won Arab Creativity Award in the Economic creativity field for its project” Palestinian Land Development”.

UAWC’s Acting Director, Fuad Abu Saif, confirmed that our success of the award winning is considered a national achievement that encouraged us to continue our activities in Palestinian land development and reclamation especially in area “C”. In addition, he stressed on the importance of the role of Arab Though Foundation, Lebanon, in promoting pride in the Arab nation’s core values and identity through its appropriate cultural programs and activities.

UAWC’s concept paper addressed the Israeli violations including land confiscation and settlement expansion that aimed at forcing the Palestinian farmers to leave their own lands. In addition, it addressed UAWC’s programs “Palestinian land Development” that aimed to achieve UAWC’s overall vision “Palestinian society that is food secured enjoys social justice, holds on its land and lives in a democratic Free Palestinian State, enjoys sovereignty over his resources; where farmers both male and female, contribute effectively in all aspects of life”.

Abu Saif added that UAWC’s economic initiative “Palestinian land Development” presented UAWC’s achievements in the increase and protection of agricultural land in area “C” before the Israeli occupation puts their hand on them under the claim that it is a land without owner. Also, the initiative introduced UAWC’s achievements in the protection of soil through the construction of retaining walls, which protect the soil economic value and enabled Palestinian farmers to use their land for agricultural purposes. In this context, Abu Saif pointed out that UAWC was successful to reclaimed (79140.9) dunums from area “C” area that constituted 60 % of the Palestinian land.

The development and rehabilitation of the Palestinian initiative included four fields: «land reclamation» targeted lands that were not planted before, and reclaimed it for agricultural use. «rehabilitation of land», a land that is planted before but neglected by their owners, so rehabilitate it to convert it to a source of income for their owners, «opining agricultural roads» to facilitate farmers’ access to their lands, and create alternative roads for Palestinians, and «collection well» to solve the problem of water scarcity in Palestine, where Israeli controls 85% of the Palestinian water resources. .

Moreover, UAWC’s economic initiative included UAWC’s achievement in the establishment of (20) reserves pastorals, and domestic and public gardens to create a breathing space for families especially children , in addition to water wells collection irrigation systems ,water lines, and water treatment units.

These achievements solved the problem of water scarcity in Palestine.. These achievements come in the light of UAWC’s belief of the Palestinian rights to access their natural sources while confirming that UAWC will continue with its national role to protect Palestinian lands and preserve their value in the face of the Israeli plan to steal the rest of our lands.