Militants of the World March of Women and La Via Campesina

La Garrucha Declaration

Good afternoon to all the women participating in this first Encounter of Zapatista Women with Women of the World.

We women from different parts of the world, activists of the World March of Women and Via Campesina, in solidarity with the struggle of the Zapatista women, are very happy to be present at this event. Its international character, and the honesty with which our hosts have shared their experiences with us, permit the globalisation of women's struggles around the world and support to the Zapatista women and to the Zapatista movement in general.

During this Encounter we have learnt from the political experiences of the Zapatista women: their numerous advances, but also that there is still a long way to go. Their example strengthens our conviction that the construction of a world of equality, justice and solidarity is achievable, and gives us hope in the possibility of changing social and economic relations, daily life, and the culture of oppression, exploitation and repression that we are subjected to.

We have heard of the aggressions suffered by the Zapatista movement and which have recently intensified in the Monte Azules zone, in the village of Nuevo Momon, in the Huitepec ecological reserve, as well as several other localities. The Zapatistas are the target of attacks in a constant, low-intensity war by the paramilitary forces made up of coerced peasants trained by the federal army of the bad government. The aim of which is to strip the 'caracoles' and autonomous municipalities of their territories in such a way as to deny the existence of the Zapatista political project, which for us represents a national and international alternative to the capitalist system.

In response to this reality, we express our firm commitment to keep a close watch over future events and to spread news of the Zapatista experience and of the aggressions that they endure around the world, while at the same time respecting the right of Zapatista women and indigenous peoples to self-determination, that can only be accomplished based on their autonomous territories.

We will continue to struggle alongside the Zapatista women
until all women of the world are free.

Ramona lives
The struggle continues.

La Garrucha, Chiapas, Mexico, 31st December 2007