March 8: La Confédération paysanne and FADEAR Call for Action in Support of Women and Peasant Rights

Press Release

Bagnolet, March 7, 2024

La Confédération paysanne and the FADEAR network call on all their members to support and mobilize for International Women’s Rights Day this Friday, March 8, 2024.

We aim to make the rights of peasant women visible, particularly through the recognition of their status, the enhancement of their pensions, protective maternity leave, and fair remuneration. Peasant women aspire to be acknowledged in their professions, and we have been working towards this recognition within our networks for a long time. [1]

This consideration also extends to the employees we hire on our farms and in our structures. [2]

However, there are still many advancements to be made for gender equality. The accessibility of women to the profession of a peasant remains a central struggle to renew generations and install more peasant women. Today, numerous obstacles line the path for future peasant women.

Through the Peasant Agriculture network, we actively combat gender inequalities in rural areas. The gender approach in agricultural installation and development is a strong focus of the support provided by the FADEAR network and the InPACT network. This work should be duly recognized in the forthcoming agricultural orientation law.

On this March 8th, it is also crucial to emphasize that the fight against sexist and sexual violence must remain a guiding principle in our daily activist, union, associative, and professional activities.

The authorities must finally support support structures for women victims of violence adequately, incorporating the specificities of rural areas into these public policies. Women and peasants are on the front lines of the violence perpetrated by this liberal, patriarchal, and environmentally destructive economic system.

Manifesting strongly tomorrow to amplify the voices of women and peasants is, for us, crucial to building a desirable future for everyone.

[1] Declaration by the 84 peasant women of La Confédération paysanne gathered on November 16 and 17, 2023, in Montreuil: [Link to the Declaration](

[2] Our network’s Joint Committee has adopted the implementation of menstrual leave in the collective agreement since January 2024.


– Laurence Marandola, National Spokesperson: +33 6 31 66 10 83

– Véronique Marchesseau, General Secretary: +33 6 98 53 76 46

– Isabelle Bouvier, FADEAR Administrator: +33 7 70 18 99 54

– Caroline Nugues, Communication Officer: +33 6 95 29 80 78