Field Visit to Bali. Traditional Seed Farmer

Via Campesina members from El Salvador, Mexico, Madagascar, South Korea, Brazil, France, Chile and India visit Jatiluwih Village in Tabanan, Bali to see traditional seed farming and conservations in Jatiluwih, Tabanan, Bali. The field visit is part of Via Campesina International Encounter of Seed Farmers.


{besps_c}0|IMG_7645.jpg||from the village the Peasant’s Seed Resistance begin{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|IMG_7607.jpg||make visit to jatiluwih, the only place in bali where farmer keep cultivate local varieties and have proven better harvest{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|IMG_7623.jpg||Balinesse farmer save seed and harvest in every household barn…..concrete and genuine solution for the global food crisis and biodiversity erosion{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|IMG_7644.jpg||Balinese farmer being part of the global seed campaign of La Via Campesina{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|IMG_7650.jpg||Women peasant in the front line of the struggle of peasant seed resistance{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|IMG_7575.jpg||small farmer in Bali practicing their traditional knowledge of seeding the local paddy varities{/besps_c}