Farmer protesting WTO are arrested by police

Farmer protesting the WTO could reach to the compound of WTO meeting in Hong Kong. But the police are using tear gas to disrupt the farmer which want to stay the night close the WTO compound.

At last the farmer decided to stay in the street which is only around 100 meters from the convention centre. Park Min Ung of Korean Peasant League said that the farmers want  to make a peace full action during their stay. The first day of peasant action the farmer do it peacefully jumping to sea water. The following action farmer do another peace action by doing a “monk walks”. To night the farmers wants to hold a peace action in order the voices of farmer all over the world heard.

Unfortunately, the police decided to arrest farmers. The group of Korean Women Peasant Association (KWPA) members become the first group arrested and brought to the police bus. And other Korean Peasant League now are in the line to be arrested, including the Indonesia farmer and thailand farmer. All the farmer to detained are La Via Campesina member.

Henry Saragih, General Coordinator of La Via Campesina, and Paul Nicholson one of La Via Campesina are among of the La Via Campesina members assembled on the road in line to be detained by the police.

Henry Saragih said that international solidarity is needed on this situation, the struggle to down wto is struggle for justice and all the people in the world.