Farmers in Hong Kong go through police line

(Hong Kong) La Via Campesina farmers went through the police line and are occupying a main street outside the WTO ministerial meeting in Hong Kong.  While we are getting closer to the Convention Center, some of our  friends and allies are protesting inside the  bulding. The protesters members of La Via Campesina are using non violent means to protest against the daily violences committed by the WTO to the people of the world. We reaffirm our respect to the people of Hong Kong.
During the march, drum beats, cheers and music filled the air as farmers from all over the globe demonstrated opposition to further trade liberalization. Large puppets and colorful flags and banners displaying slogans in multiple languages towered above the crowd. From  apartment balconies overlooking the street Hong Kong children shouted the now-familiar chant that has filled the air over the past week: “Down, Down, WTO.”

A contingent of accredited La Via Campesina farmers and other civil society representatives were stoped inside the Convention Center as they wanted to join the protestors. “The trade ministers are removed from reality,” said Deena Hoff quotable food sovereignty network person.

“The world is listening, even if the trade ministers are not,” said Henry  Saragih, general coordinator of the peasants movement La Via Campesina. “The WTO is a failure, and we will continue to struggle for food sovereignty for all people.”

For more information:
Isabelle delforge, La Via Campesina: + 6055 0450 or  + 9306 1765