European Coordination Via Campesina supports the Day of Global Action

The oligarchical forces, as a last resort, used a violent and repressive coup d’etat to stop the social changes launched by president Zelaya with the support of the social movements. An implementation of a dictatorial regime in favor of the oligarchy implies a disaster for the Honduran people and more specifically for the peasant communities.

These attacks against democracy and human rights are also an attack against all the people who struggle for a better world. We denounce all the violent actions and the numerous violations of human rights committed by the Armed Forces of the dictatorship.

Since the 5th of August thousands of farmers, men and women, have been marching to Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, the two main cities of Honduras, due to arrive today. The concentrations at the border with Nicaragua remain for a possible return of the legitimate president Zelaya. The resistance of the different social movements has been consolidated and is increasing. World-wide, support actions are taking place.

In order to assure the necessary changes in Honduras, the solutions of the farmers, men and women, cannot be repressed. Food sovereignty, as proposed by the farmers, men and women, world-wide  can only be obtained within a democratic framework.

We request that the European institutions and governments not give any legitimacy to the dictatorship and maintain pressure to restore the democratic regime.

We call for the greatest possible support for the farmers’ organizations  in resistance, who are the vectors of democracy and of the development model we defend. An international support is essential to reinstate democracy.



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In Honduras:
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