Call to Action: Reject false solutions to Climate Crisis. Sign on to this important declaration!

The declaration “Our land worth more than carbon” launched during COP 22 and signed by more than 50 organizations around the world is topical and needs our attention, once again.

In order to comply with the Paris Agreement, our States are currently designing national plan (called NDCs: Nationally Determined Contributions). At the moment, several more initiatives are also being implemented simultaneously – such as 4 per 1000 initiative, AAA: Adaptation of African Agriculture, climate smart agriculture, and so forth. 

More than ever, the declaration “Our land worth more than carbon” aims to keep alerting on the risks of compensation through the land use sector towards food sovereignty, peasants and agriculture.Greenhouse gases emissions being compensated through land can be an open door to inaction but also false solution and land grabbing at the expense of a systemic project of peasant agroecology. 

In order to keep gathering people, if your organization want to add its signature please send the name of your organization together with a contact details to Anne-Laure Sablé ( or Suzie Guichard ( 

Click to read the declaration