Four members of the Landless Workers’ Movement, imprisoned since November in Paraná | Urgent call for solidarity from Brazil

Have you ever imagined being arrested or imprisoned for struggling for a fairer world?

For this is the situation faced by several human rights defenders in Brazil. Currently, in a scenario of increased setbacks and violations of rights, social movements are subject to constant persecution and attempts at demobilization.

The campaign ‘My crime is to struggle” wants to denounce the process of criminalization that human rights defenders have been suffering in the country.

An emblematic example of this is the situation faced by four members of the Landless Workers Movement, who have been imprisoned since November in Paraná.

Fabiana, Claudelei, Claudir and Antônio are accused for the crime of criminal organization. The prisons are part of Operation Castra, commanded by the Civil Police of Paraná. Another operation resulted in the invasion of the Florestan Fernandes National School, without a court order, last November.

The accusation of these people only reveals the attempt to criminalize the struggle and popular organization. That is why we invite you to contribute to defending the struggle of human rights defenders.

Join the campaign “My crime is to struggle”. The action is an initiative of the Brazilian Committee of Human Rights Defenders, with the support of several national and international organizations.

How to participate:

  • Sign the manifesto in support of the release of MST political prisoners.

You can sign it online on

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  • Change your profile photo: In your profile photo, enter the campaign theme My Crime is Fighting through the options available on the site
  • Show your support through photos. Use the hashtag # MyCrimeÉLutar and the support plates that can be downloaded here

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  • Send a message of support for political prisoners: on the website, it is possible to send a message of support and solidarity to the four members of the MST who are imprisoned in Paraná. Messages will be sent to a campaign e-mail, printed, and delivered to recipients.

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Enjoy and share the campaign materials on social networks, using the #CharmHeadHead and #FightHeadHead hashtags. Track the campaign site, Facebook page, and Twitter