BAFLF & NWFA celebrate International Women’s Day

(Dhaka, March 8, 2016) Bangladesh Agricultural Farm Labour Federation (BAFLF) & National Women Farmers & Workers Association (NWFA) celebrated the International Women’s Day 2016 with a theme ‘equal rights for women in everywhere including on land and resources, recognition in agriculture, ensuring women’s health, job security, livelihood, safety and dignity including women’s maternity right as right to food’.

BAFLF arranged a rally and a discussion meeting where women agricultural workers and women farmers participated to mark women’s day on 8 March. These events were held at BRRI headquarters, Gazipur, Dhaka. Dr. Jiban Krishna Biswas, Director General, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) attended the meeting as chief guest while Norjahan Begum vice president of NWFA presided over the programe and Asma Khatun, member of NWFA facilitated the whole programme. Among others Mr. Rahimuddin, president of BRRI workers’ Association, Golam Sorowor and Md. Mamun of BAFLF were present at the discussion meeting.

Chief Guest Dr. Jiban Krishna Biswas said that half of the population of the country is women. Bangladeshi Women have immense contributions in all sectors particularly in agriculture. Progress in agriculture sector is achieved in spite of hundreds of problems obstacles only due to active participation of women by the side of men. He also added that he is aware about their demand of increasing maternity facilities for women farm workers, setting up a day care Centre and a shade with toilet facilities in field. He ensured that the authorities have a plan to provide day care facilities and soon they will take the initiative regarding this. He also added that in the field, toilet shade will be built considering women workers’ health.

Nurjahan Begum said “woman agricultural workers are facing different forms of deprivation and discrimination. Even we don’t have equal maternity facilities, we can’t feed our babies during working period.”

She added that there are no toilet facilities for women in the field and we all should fight against all discriminatory practices.