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Mozambique: Zambezia Provincial Union of Peasants fighting for their rights

The peasants in Mozambique commemorated the International Day of Peasant Struggles, the 17th of April, by carrying out various activities to highlight their struggles. In this month of peasant struggles, UPC-Z has been training advocacy agents and the community leaders in conflict management as a way to strengthen conflict measurement skills within their communities.

ESAFF Uganda Stands in Solidarity on the International Day of Peasant Struggles

ESAFF Uganda proudly joins the global community in commemorating the International Day of Peasant Struggles, a day that honors the resilience and sacrifices of small-scale farmers worldwide. On this significant day, ESAFF Uganda stands in unwavering solidarity with all those currently facing violent repression and unjust criminalization of their struggles.

Nyéléni Newsletter: Ultra-processed food, a “corporate diet”

Driven by an expansion of the industrial food system, including global sourcing and retail structures, and corporate concentration and power within this system, Ultra Processed Food are replacing fresh and minimally processed foods and home-cooked meals in our diets. Dietary patterns are becoming increasingly homogenized and culinary traditions are disappearing.

UN Human Rights Council appoints new Working Group on Peasants’ Rights (UNDROP)

The 5th of April 2024, the UN Human Rights Council officially appointed the five experts. This marks a significant milestone in advancing the implementation of the rights enshrined in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas. This achievement is important to rural organizations advocating for their rights.

Palestine: Urgent Global Action against the Use of Starvation as Genocide in GAZA

La Via Campesina and Union of Agricultural Work Committees call upon the people of the world to join global actions in solidarity with Palestine on the 13th of April – the Global Mobilisation Day. Many actions are planned including Global Fasting- a symbolic action to encourage all of us to pause and reflect on what is happening in Gaza.

2024 | March Newswrap: Updates from Member Organizations Worldwide

March witnessed global mobilization for International Working Women’s Day, emphasizing the vital roles of peasant and indigenous women in sustaining communities and feeding the world. From Brazil to Australia, women rallied against injustice, violence, and climate crises, demanding rights, land access, and recognition for their contributions to food sovereignty and social justice.

Srilanka: MONLAR and other civil society members call out IMF’s ‘selective consultations’

The signatories express discontent with the IMF’s dismissive attitude towards civil society concerns, urging for transparent and participatory decision-making processes concerning reforms, particularly in debt restructuring. They are demanding a reduction in the country’s debt burden through a fair and transparent process, including the identification and cancellation of odious debt.

The Voices of Palestinian Women

Listening to the voices of Palestinian women is fundamental to understand the historical and current forms of genocide against the Palestinian people. They addressed how genocide is not simply about numbers, but an orchestrated policy. Genocide is an attack on the bases that sustain life: land, bodies, the everyday work of production and reproduction of Palestinian life.

This March 30th, the Land Day in Palestine: Stop the Genocide against Palestinians!

On this March 30th, Land Day for Palestine, we issue an unequivocal demand for the immediate cessation of the Israeli-led genocide against the Palestinian people. As we mark the 48th anniversary of Eternal Land Day, we stand in solemn remembrance amid the ongoing, brutal campaign of annihilation carried out by Israeli occupation forces.

Argentina: The peasant perspective, 90 days of the Milei Government

Since December 10th, day in which Javier Milei came into power of the Presidency, Argentina has been living a democratic deterioration process of the State institutions and a wide range of policies that result in an economic recession process that is suffered by the working class. 20.6% suffer from food insecurity and the consumers have paid 5.2 times more than the price paid to the producers.

La Via Campesina calls for an end to the blockade of Cuba

This unjust, illegal and exclusionary policy directly and daily affects the life, development and well-being of the Cuban population. The tightening of the blockade has caused a deficit in the capacity of electricity generation, affected the transportation and distribution of food, among many other damages.


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