UAWC distributes 88,000 thyme and Sagebrush seedlings and 15,000 meters of irrigation networks in the Gaza strip

(Gaza strip, March 2016)- the Union of Agricultural Work Committees distributed 88,000 thyme and Sagebrush seedlings, and 15,000 meters of irrigation networks in order to replace and rehabilitate irrigation systems that were destroyed by the 2014 war on Gaza strip.

 “The Economic Recovery in the Gaza Strip” (Phase II), project targeted 25 farmers by the cultivation of 3,500 seedlings per dunom. On the other hand, the UAWC distributed 15,000 meters of irrigation networks to replace and rehabilitate the irrigation system that was destroyed by the 2014 war and to strengthen the steadfastness of Palestinian farmers on their lands.

In addition, the UAWC is seeking through this project to rehabilitate 8 cooperatives working in food processing field. In addition to the rehabilitation of 7 cheeses and dairy factories, and building the capacities of 27 workers on good manufacturing process, marketing skills, quality management, and public and personal safety practices.

The project aims to improve the economic situation in the Gaza Strip, and to improve the standard of living for small-scale farmers, especially women of them, by providing them a sustainable source of incomes for them.

The project also provided employment opportunities for 50 agronomist of new graduates from different universities in the Gaza Strip and building their capacities to expand their practical experience.

It is important to note that these activities come within the UAWC’s mission to strengthen the Palestinian farmer’s steadfastness and support their right of food sovereignty.