To the agricultural and migrant workers and their organizations, To labor movements around the world

NFFC Release

Brothers and Sisters,
The National Family Farm Coalition sends a message of strength and solidarity on this first day of May, 2007 in commemoration of International Workers’ Day. Today we honor the labor movements past and present, and join these workers in their struggle for justice and equality. In an agricultural system driven by corporate interest, and sustained by low prices and cheap labor; today we celebrate the struggle for a just food system forall people: farmers, workers, and communities. We, family farmers across the nation, stand together with workers to oppose the so called free trade policies which continue to exploit farm labor and push farmers off their land both here and abroad. We oppose the targeted repression of the migrant labor force: anti immigrant policies, the militarization of the border, as well as increasing raids and deportations, causing the separation of families.

Instead, we struggle together for an agricultural production system which respects life and dignity from the fields all the way to our plates. We fight for a fair price for farmers and a fair, living wage for workers. We also demand respect for workers’ basic human rights, the right to safe working conditions, the right to health care, protection from pesticides, and the right to organize. Today farmers and workers voices are heard in unity, building strength in the movement for justice in labor and dignity in life. Inherent in that struggle is the restoration of the right to food sovereignty for every society – respecting the needs of land, rural people, and communities in the US and abroad.

In solidarity,

George Naylor


National Family Farm Coalition (USA)

Member organization of
La Vía Campesina