The Right to Food Sovereignty – public peasant consultation

Conference invitation

Eco Ruralis Association together with partners, have the pleasure to invite you to the Conference for The Right to Food Sovereignty – public peasant consultation – on 24 April, 2016, starting at 11:30 am, at the Conference Center of the National Statistics Institute of Romania (Libertății Bvd., no. 16, sector 5, Bucharest).

It will be the first time that Romania hosts a Food Sovereignty event, putting peasants in the center of decisions for the future of farming and food.

The program of the conference has the format of a public consultation, based on issues of peasants’ rights to resources. The program will be structured in 4 sessions, as it follows: a) Food Sovereignty; b) The Right to Land; c) The Right to Seeds; d) The Right to Markets. Every session will be introduced by speakers – representatives of peasants & civil society from Romania and Europe – followed by open discussions with participants: peasants, gardeners, members of Romanian civil society.

The program will include also a public tasting of peasant products and a free distribution of peasant seeds.